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Welcome to the Good Will Artist of World Peace, Haru Kawamitsu's Homepage.
Here you will find my information, guest book, a map to my atelier, and you can order as well as take a look at my gallery.

Born in a place also known as the sun's treasure box, Okinawa. Wanting to know more about the world, he crossed over to the USA.

Since then, he has mixed the cultures and colors of both the East and the West to create his own world. As "World Peace" and "Love" as his themes, he creates his own style, which people often refer to as "healing art".

Using oil paints, pastels, air brush, collaging, and other techniques, you will visit HARU'S world where you can expect to find yourself standing on an intersection connecting us from where we are now, to a dream world of our near future.

Brief Record History
2005 "Okinawa NGO Nonprofit Organization/WEO Group" Counselor
2005 "The Alliance of Iron Eagles International" Assistant Member
1999-2001 President of "HIV Network Okinawa"
1997 Worked as AD and official artist for the 11th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration
Moved to hometown: Okinawa
1996 Official artist for Berkshire Original
1995 Marian Helpers official artist
"Kokingumi" CD Cover Design for a Hollywood Asian Music Group
1994 Poster work for Yutaka, founder of Japanese Taiko
1993 Founded HARU'S Fashion and Design
1992 Poster Work for "Okinawa Night"
Started working as a professional artist
1991 Designed CD Cover "Let Me Be A Light" for Janice Kapp Perry, LDS Church Songwriter
1987 Brigham Young University (Design)
1985 Utah Community College (Graphic Design)
1983 Stephens Henniger College
1982 To America

1994 "Welcome Home" Best Award / Phoenix, Arizona
1993 "The Queen of Time" First Prize / Southmountain, Arizona
"Gilgal" Best Award / Phoenix, Arizona
1992 "Let Me Be A Light" Best Award / Provo, Utah
1991 "Symphony" Best Award / Provo, Utah

2004.12 "The King of Kings" Religious Art Exhibition / Tokyo
2003.08 "Fairies and Flowers" Ryubo Art Salon (Naha)/ Japan
2002.06 "The Light of the World" Religious Art Exhibition (Naha)/ Japan
2000.6 Religious Art Exhibition (Naha) / Okinawa, Japan
2000 LDS Church (Naha) / Okinawa, Japan
1998.8 Gallery Okinawa / Japan
Jusco / Japan
1998.6 LDS Church (Futenma) / Okinawa, Japan
1997.7 Carson Junior High School / Arizona
1997.6 Mesa Junior High School / Arizona
1997.5 Phoenix City / Arizona
1997.4 University of Arizona(Viewing will soon be available)
1997.2 Heritage Square / Arizona
1997.1 Phoenix State Hall / Arizona
1996 JASP Mini Gallery / Arizona
1994 H&K Art Production / Utah
1992 Greenwitch Gallery / Utah
1991 Utah Power Project / Utah

Group Exhibits
1997 "Asian Beauty '97" HARU'S Fashion & Design
"Asian Art Exhibit" Flem De Poto / Arizona
1996 "Black Week" Phoenix City / Arizona
"Still Life" Force Gallery / Arizona
1995 "Religious Artwork" The Catholic Church Mini Art Gallery / Arizona
1993 "'93 Group Exhibit" Greenwitch Gallery / Utah
1992 Springsville Spring Collection / Utah
1991 Utah Valley Art Exhibit / Utah

2002.10 "Ichariba Chode" Okinawa
2002.09 "A Night of Art and Music" Itoman(Viewing will soon be available)
2001.12 "AIDS Day in Tokyo" Tokyo / Sponsor: Foundation of AIDS prevention
2001.09 "Human Rainbow AIDS Charity Lecture & Concert" Tiruru(Viewing will soon be available)
Started "Human Rainbow" AIDS Educational Radio Station
2001 "Kawamitsu Family Fireside" Futenma
2000.09 "2nd Annual Human Rainbow AIDS Charity Lecture & Concert" Okinawa Prefectural Budokan(Viewing will soon be available)
2000.04 "Symphony" Kawamitsu Family / Ginowan
2000.02 "AIDS Lecture & Concert" Plaza House / Sponsor: Okinawa Times
2000.01 "Family Importance" Zion Kindergarden
"Our Youth Who Are of Great Worth" Nishizaki Public Hall(Viewing will soon be available)
"AIDS Lecture & Concert" Matsushiro Junior High School
1999.12 "World AIDS Day" Pallette Civic Center(Viewing will soon be available)
"AIDS Lecture & Concert" Naha High School
"AIDS Lecture & Concert" Miyako Matida Civic Center(Viewing will soon be available)
"AIDS Lecture & Concert" Miyako High School(Viewing will soon be available)
1999.11 "AIDS Lecture & Concert" Shuri High School
1999.08 "Human Rainbow AIDS Charity Concert" Naha Civic Center(Viewing will soon be available)
1999.06 "Symphony" LDS Church
1999.04 "Haru's Fireside" LDS Church
1999.03 "AIDS Forum" Kohagura Junior High School(Viewing will soon be available)
1998.12 "World AIDS Day Okinawa" Palette Civic Center(Viewing will soon be available)
1998.11 "Kawamitsu Family Fireside"(Viewing will soon be available)
1997 "Cultural Night" ASU(Viewing will soon be available)
1996 "The Wheel of Success" ASU
1993 "The Power Within You" ADAM
1992 "Meeting that Crosses Boundaries" Nihon Club

Media / News
2003.08 "Evening News" Miyako TV(Viewing will soon be available)
"Okinawa Club"
"Ryukyu Shimpo" P1
2001.07 "Correct AIDS Knowledge" Newspaper article
2000.09 "Lose the Prejudice"
Okinawa Times
"Ryukyu Shinpo" P20
"Charity Concert"
Concert article
2000.07 "Searching for actors - AIDS Prevention Drama"
2000.02 "Okinawa Times" P.18
"Business Tips" P15-17
1999.12 "Evening News" Miyako TV(Viewing will soon be available)
Miyako Shinpo" P.5
"Miyako Mainichi Shinbun" P.8
Newspaper Article
Miyako Mainichi Shinbun"
"Ryukyu Shinpo"
"Okinawa Times"
1999.11 "Ryukyu Shimpo" P.5
"Awamori katateni Yuntaku ha-taku" ROK
"Okinawa Times"
1999.09 "We are the World" FM Champura-
"Japan Update" P.8
"Okinawa Times" P.11
"Ryukyu Shimpo" P.7
1999.08 "Business Tips" PP.55 - 58
"Okinawa Times" P.22
"Iwachan no Vitamin zoku" RBC
"Evening News" Cable TV(Viewing will soon be available)
"Okinawa Times" P.11
"Japan Update" P.8
"Ryukyu Shimpo" P.25
"Tokidoki Wakuchin" FM Taman
"Cole & Bob" FM Okinawa
"Ichariba Talk" NHK(Viewing will soon be available)
1999.07 "Ryukyu Shimpo" P.5
Newspaper Article
1999.06 "Human Rainbow" P.2
1999.04 "Japan Update"
1999.02 "Ryukyu Shimpo" P.20
1998.10 "Ensign" P.9
1998.09 "Kini naru Okinawa" OTV(Viewing will soon be available)
1998.09 "Ryukyu Shinpo" P.11
1998.08 "Evening News" RBC(Viewing will soon be available)
"Ohiru no News" OTV(Viewing will soon be available)
"Okinawa Times"
"Ryukyu Shimpo" P.16
1998.06 "Kininaru Okinawa" OTV(Viewing will soon be available)
"Dokuritsu Wonderland / Maria Howell" Radio Okinawa
1998.03 "Japan Update" P.30
1998.02 "Okiraku Kayoukyoku" RBC
"Saturday Paradise" RBC
1998.01 "Fresh Morning" Radio Okinawa
1997.12 "Okinawan Local Power with Maria Howell" OTV(Viewing will soon be available)
1997.09 "Successful Asian Art" Ian Tingen
1996.11 "Professional Ethnic Leadership"
1996.04 "KSAG 10" Evening News(Viewing will soon be available)
1994.11 "The Arizona Republic" A1
1993.05 "AAA Booklet"
1992.05 "LDS Entertainment" P.33 and 35
1992.01 "County Journal" A1
1990.09 "The Daily Universe" P.5
1990.04 "The Daily Universe" P.6
1988.09 "This People" P.77

Personal Collections
Penny Levi: Arizona School Festivities Vice Chairman / USA
Francisco Araiza: International Lawyer / Mexico
David Warren: President of International Trading Company / USA
Jerry Kokoro: Malibu Productions Movie superintendant / Italy
Ballad Ral: Good Will Ambassador / Indonesia
Mikio Shimoji: Member of National Diet / Japan

Public Collections

Japan-America Society of Phoenix / USA
State of Oklahoma Memorial Center / USA
Phoenix City / USA
State of Illinois Fox Riverclove / USA
Room of Mr. Taira in Miyako / Japan

aCopyright (C) Haru Kawamitsu 2003 All Rights Reserved.